Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying this pack. I'm constantly working on more content to add to this pack (at the time I wrote this, I have 93 more textures ready to go!) but I want to know if there is anything specifically you guys want that I can add? I'm working mostly on textures, but eventually I want to add more lowpoly 3d models as well.

I'm limited as to the content I can capture and bring into the project because of where I live, but will do my best to fulfill reasonable requests!

Please leave a comment or on the request forum post! Thanks.

Get Classic64 Lowpoly Asset Library


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Some ultra-Low-Poly GTA Character assets would be great - helmets, masks, weapons, tools, packpack, body armour, boxes, cases etc

Ramps and stuff for a game style like RUSH or Crazy Taxi type stuff

Something I whipped up, what do you think?


Not sure of anything specific, but my favorite N64 game was GoldenEye.

I love goldeneye as well, Paintball mode and Golden Gun Mode was epic