A downloadable semi_truck

Okay folks, I've decided to upload this lowpoly semi truck that I made as a personal project, and release it as a free asset for anyone to download and use for personal projects! There's really nothing I can do with it now that it's complete, but maybe someone else can.

It might not really be considered "lowpoly" anymore, coming in at 18.5k verts/30k tris but I made it to be a game asset in the low poly style. This semi truck comes with a complete interior, trailer, and lots of details. 

It is available as a .blend and was made with Blender 2.92. 

This is shared  under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which basically restricts commercial project use, and if you distribute it (i.e., asset pack), it must be distributed under the same license. I don't need attribution, but it would be appreciated! I would also love to see what you do with it. Please leave a comment or contact me!


Lowpoly Semi v1.0.zip 456 kB